Cyanic Job Book

David O’Callaghan, CSP, MBA

System flexibility and growth potential are what we required and what we got with the software! Though located on different continents, we have worked together to build the system to our preliminary specifications and, more than a year later, JobBook continue to provide advice and the same quick response service as our needs grow. Thank You JobBook.

Real Comeau, ALS, P.Eng

The Cyanic Survey Job Book is beyond my expectations at an affordable price. The Cyanic team are continuously trying to improve the system features and tailor to their client’s needs.  It enables me to write up, search, organize and invoice my jobs within mere minutes, all with a professional quality invoice to the client.

I would strongly recommend them to any survey company.

Brian Ball, ALS, CLS

This software is an extremely helpful tool. I can visualize various job locations on the map and properly estimate costs for different projects. I can keep all client information in one spot so all of my colleagues in the company can stay up-to-date about our customers.

Lance Norman

JobBook was game-changing. As my company started to grow so did the paperwork. Now with the software, my employees can fill in their timesheets from the field on their own personal devices, and create invoices on the spot so jobs don’t fall in between the cracks.