Job Book Manual


Line Item Report

The line item report shows all line items recorded in DWRs for a date range.

Line Item Report - Navigate

On the Line Item Report page, users can load the data by selecting the date range. The line item details include the job#, line item, type, DWR#, Employee, Quality, Unit, DWR Status, and Description.

Line Item Report - Loading Data

Users can export the data to Microsoft Excel if needed. By clicking the filter icon, users can filter the data they need. Also, the data can be grouped with the column header by dragging the header.

Line Item Report - Exporting to Microsoft Excel

Work in Progress (WIP) Report

The WIP report shows all hours and equipment recorded in DWRs for a date range, with the corresponding invoice entries.

WIP Work in Progress Report - Navigate
WIP Work in Progress Report - Loading Data