Task Management & Crew Scheduling for Land Surveyors Done Right

Automate work assignment, handoff, and progress updates in your projects. Perfect for coordinating project tasks across teams in the field and the office.

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Philosophy: Work Smarter, not Harder


Total Project Visibility

Job Book Task and Crew Scheduling will help everyone who has a hand in delivering value in your company. As you move towards a centralized task management system, you will experience these benefits:


Administrators will know when a project or milestone is ready to invoice.

Field Crews

Crews will know what they are scheduled to work on and where they need to be.

Project Managers

PMs will know where their jobs are at without constantly asking the team, and they won't have to run around dropping tasks off on desks.


Standardized task templates will help each job be done consistently and reliably, and everyone will know who has the ball.

Office Staff

Office staff will know what tasks are ready to work on now.


The whole team will have better accountability, and will spend less time on management overhead while having fewer mistakes.

Task planning

Templated Tasklists

Structured Work Breakdown

Organize your job in a way that makes sense to you, separating out blocks of field work to schedule, and tasks that need to be completed in the office before or afterwards.

Gantt-style Dependencies

Link tasks together in the order that they need to be completed. Tasks are automatically assigned to the right people as the job progresses.

Billing Milestones

Tell the system which tasks are billing milestones, and Job Book will notify administrators as soon as those tasks have been completed, so they can invoice immediately.

Assignments and Due Dates

Set task due dates and assign them to employees, and those tasks will automatically show up in their work backlog.

Task Scheduling

Manage All Crew Schedules in One Place

Scheduling Task Blocks

Job Book makes it easy to see the availability of your staff, and which tasks need to be scheduled.

Drag unscheduled task blocks onto the calendar

Just drag & drop a task onto an employee's calendar to schedule it. Move tasks around on the calendar, resize them, or make them take up multiple days.

Go back or forward in time (and space ๐Ÿš€)

See what Fred was working on last week. See who will be close to Springfield next week, so you can save on travel and be more efficient.

Lock task schedules

Have a task that cannot move? Lock it so it stays put, even when the rest of the schedule moves around to squeeze in a new task.

Task backlog made easy.

Step 1: Login

Staff will login with their phone, tablet or desktop. They can do it anywhere, from the office to the field.

Step 2: Navigate to My Tasks

Click My Tasks from the tool dashboard, which is next to the timesheet, costing, and project management tools.

Step 3: Review and Check-Off Tasks

See which tasks are assigned to me, and when they are scheduled or due. See job information for those tasks, including contacts and a map of the job locations. Click Edit Task Status to change the task to In Progress or Completed.


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Say goodbye to Outlook & Google Calendar

No more wasting time on software that doesn't work for your company.

Project Task Tracking

Software Features

Everything your team needs to schedule and manage your project tasks

Task Templates

Create Task Templates for certain kinds of jobs or job work scopes to save time and keep jobs consistent.

Task Plans

Create Task Plans for jobs using Task Templates as building blocks. Assign and delegate tasks to the right crew members based on resource availability and skills.

Billing Milestones

Blocks of tasks can be set as Billing Milestones, meaning that Administrators will automatically know to invoice a milestone when the relevant tasks are completed.

Task Scheduling

Blocks of tasks can be grouped and scheduled to one or more crews. Projects can have as many or as few scheduled parts as you like.

Task Pool

Some tasks don't need to be scheduled, but added to a pool that staff can pull from based on priority. The less you need to schedule, the more flexible you are with project changes.

Task Dependencies

Tasks can depend on other tasks, automatically handed over to the next person as work is completed.

You've never had task management software like this before

Embrace a system that was made specifically for you.

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