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See how your jobs are going in real-time.Speed up invoicing.Simple and easy to use.Get your weekends back! ๐Ÿ–๏ธ

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Philosophy: Work Smarter, not Harder

Project Organization

In 30-days: go from disorganized chaos to project management success

On-board with Job Book and never look back.

Real-Time Project Monitoring

Know how your jobs are going right now, not at the end of the month when it's too late to do anything about it.

Faster Invoicing

Automatically create invoices when jobs are completed. Speed up manager review of invoices and bill your clients as fast as possible.

Reduce Errors & Under-Billing

Automate the collection and approval of time and equipment charges for each job. Find lost billable hours by making sure staff are entering time correctly and following best practices.

Improve Staff Accountability

Give your staff the tools they need to make decisions and be accountable. Make sure everyone is on the same page, and increase the visibility of job status across teams.

Learn From Your Past Jobs

Find past jobs you did in a certain area. Discover who your best clients are, your most profitable types of jobs, and where you are coming up short on estimates.

Reduce Administration

Spend much less time collecting paperwork from employees and doing payroll. Support your customers more easily, with all job information just a few clicks away.

It's so much more than simplified project management software

Your team deserves a system built specifically for land surveyors.

" The Cyanic Survey Job Book is beyond my expectations at an affordable price. The Cyanic team are continuously trying to improve the system features and tailor to their clientโ€™s needs. It enables me to write up, search, organize and invoice my jobs within mere minutes, all with a professional quality invoice to the client.

I would strongly recommend them to any survey company. "

Rรฉal Comeau Image

Rรฉal Comeau

ALS, P.ENG, Pinpoint Geomatics

" We implemented Cyanic Job Book about 6 months ago, and am delighted with the functionality, ease of use, and support we received from Cyanic. This is the first time in my career of over 35 years in the geomatics industry that I have been able to create accurate and detailed reports in real time.
In the past, I have always relied on reports generated from accounting staff, which are days or weeks behind. Having Job Book makes managing jobs so much easier and I have no idea how lived without it. "

Milton Lemke Image

Milton Lemke

ALS, B.SC., Fortress Geomatics

" This software is an extremely helpful tool. I can visualize various job locations on the map and properly estimate costs for different projects. I can keep all client information in one spot so all of my colleagues in the company can stay up-to-date about our customers. "

Brian Ball Image

Brian Ball

ALS, CLS, MH Surveys

" First let me say, I've used dozens of ticketing/job pieces of software and this is by the far the best!

Neat, easy to pick up and to the point. "

Marc Gervais Image

Marc Gervais

Office Manager, 3D Geomatics

The only project management platform for your land surveying business needs

Embrace a system that was made specifically for you.

Job and Client Database

Manage Your Jobs and Clients With Surveying Best Practices

Job Setup

Setup your jobs with all of the information you and your staff need.

Rate Sheets

Add your labor and equipment rates to reusable templates, and customize them for each client or job.

Job Locations

Each job can have one or more locations, complete with municipal and legal addresses, and GPS locations.

Contact Information

Always know who you need to contact for billing, management, or land access for a job.

Job Scope

Tag each job with one or more scopes from hundreds of built-in options covering most types of survey jobs, or add your own.

Job Maps and Search

Your job history is extremely valuable. Job Book makes it easy to find old jobs to help with new estimates.

Flexible Search

Find jobs based on any combination of fields, including job scope, status, location and client information.

Legal Address Search

Find jobs based on legal address fields, such as lot, block, plan, section, township, range, etc.

Map Display

Find jobs in an area simply by using the map. Each job is represented by a pin that you can click to get the full job details.

Job Reporting

Get real-time information on each job with just a few clicks.

Job Dashboard

A birds-eye view of all jobs that are in-flight, showing how your jobs are going in real-time, which ones are making you money and which ones are in trouble. Know when you need to get in front of your clients before it's too late.

Charge-Out Rate and WIP Reporting

See charges to every project, and how much each line item was invoiced for. Find time that fell through the cracks and hasn't been billed to your client.

Utilization Reporting

Instantly see the utilization % for each employee, separating out overhead, non-billable and billable time, and calculating effective rates for everyone.

Payroll Reporting

Run a time card report for a payroll period with just one click. Payroll is so quick and easy, you'll be able to get your weekends back!

Enter timesheets in the field, on your phone

Step 1: Login

Staff will login with their phone, tablet or desktop. They can do it anywhere, from the office to the field.

Step 2: Create a Daily Work Record

Party chiefs can create time sheets for their crews and equipment. You can even collect signatures from the client if required. Then sign and submit for approval.

Step 3: Manager Approval

Project managers will review and approve each Daily Work Record, making sure that time is billed to the correct line items and that nothing is falling through the cracks.


All of the job charges have been collected, and are ready to turn into an invoice or export to your accounting system whenever you're ready.

DWR LEM Timesheets Field Entry Image

This isn't just land surveying management software. It's complete project accountability.

Implement best practices for improved staff accountability on all work-in-progress.


Everything your surveying company needs to manage projects, all in one application

CRM / Customer Database

Keep track of client details whether you're at the office or out in the field. Keeps track of multiple offices and multiple customers including payment terms.

Job Database

Capture all job details including: status, legal locations, rate sheets, terms, fees, line items and job specific rates.

Rate Sheets

Create rate sheet templates for different kinds of jobs and different clients.

Time Sheets

Time tracking made simple to allow your team to record their hours and improve company invoicing and accountability using mobile devices from the field.

DWR, LEM, & Invoicing

Create daily work records and labour equipment and materials in the field and collect customer signatures. Make sure invoices do not fall through the cracks. Make payroll easy to manage.

Budgeting & Estimates

Allows you to create budgets and estimates for a job and then keep track of work against budgeted amounts. Get a handle on jobs before they get out of control.

Job Search & Maps

See all your job locations on a map and find past jobs using any information including legal address. Easily find control points, area authorities, and permit offices on current and past jobs.

Task & Crew Scheduling ๐Ÿ†•

Comprehensive task management and crew scheduling that automates work assignment, handoff, and progress updates in your projects. Learn More

So Much More...

Dispatching, Equipment Management, Equipment Maintenance, Expenses, Training and Training Records, Health and Safety, Policy Documentation, run your survey company from top to bottom.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I integrate my accounting system?

Invoices that are created in Job Book can be easily exported to QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, or other accounting systems, using the Invoice Process Backlog. You are free to use the invoices generated by Job Book, or send out invoices from your accounting system after they are imported.

What do I need to start?

After we meet, all you need is to give us your logo and we'll setup your own system that you can start using today. We will help you with the initial setup your system, including all of the line items and rate sheets so you can hit the ground running.

How will you on-board my company?

Comprehensive training is included with all Job Book systems, and we'll be with you every step of the way. Typically we start with training sessions for administrators and project managers, but we can tailor the sessions to work best with your company (whether it be a train-the-trainer model, or something different). We also offer a 60 day money back guarantee so you can always try it risk free.

What are the roles and permissions in Job Book?

Employees are assigned to Administrator, Manager, or Technician roles depenending on what they need to see and do in the system. Technicians are generally limited to entering Daily Work Records and HSE documents, and are not exposed to any financials. Detailed user role permissions are described in the Job Book documentation.

How will I be charged for the system?

At the end of the month we take a count of how many active employees you have in the system, and we bill your credit card for that amount at the start of the next month. Ask us about our referral program, to get significant discounts on your subscription fee.

How can I get support?

We love to hear from our customers and help them succeed. We offer free email or phone support to all of our customers. Don't be shy, just give us a call, we pick up the phone and we're always happy to help!

Have More Questions?

Contact us, we'd love to answer them for you.


Product Videos

Job Book

Introduction to our software.

Job Search

A quick overview of our job search feature.


A look at our new dashboard.

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