Best Kudurru Stone Alternatives for Land Surveyors (2024)

Kudurru Stone is a project management tool created by Wunz Efficiency for land surveyors. It includes features such as:

  • Project Mapping: Identifying locations for project activities.
  • Project & Task Delegation: Assigning projects and tasks.
  • Field Crew Scheduling: Organizing crew schedules in advance.
  • Daily Crew Schedule Mapping: Daily planning for crew members.
  • Office Scheduling: Managing office-related tasks.
  • Notifications: Automated updates and alerts.
  • Digi-Boards: Customizable Kanban boards.
  • Quoting: Providing detailed quotes to clients.
  • Employee Time Tracking: Monitoring hours worked by employees.
  • Invoicing: Automated invoice generation.
  • Reporting: Creating reports for insight and sharing.
  • Template Production: Making templates for projects and tasks.
  • QuickBooks Integration: Synchronizing data with QuickBooks.

Cyanic Job Book

Cyanic Job Book was created due to a need for a modern project management solution that allows crews to record time and equipment charges in the field, streamline their Daily Work Record (DWR) / Labour Equipment Materials (LEM) processes, and implement best-practices in workflow and reporting.

Cyanic Job Book is an innovative and highly effective project management and workflow system tailored specifically for land surveying companies. It stands out due to its comprehensive features and ability to streamline various aspects of project management, thus significantly improving efficiency and profitability.

  1. The BEST Support and Onboarding Anywhere: Job Book staff pick up the phone when you call and are always willing to help you out with any questions you have. Comprehensive training is included with all Job Book systems, and weโ€™ll be with you every step of the way.

  2. Field Accessible: Job Book is a modern and fully managed cloud-based app. Crews can record time and equipment for jobs directly in the field, on their phones, and even collect signatures.

  3. Easier Invoicing: Job Book speeds up manager review of invoices, and can automatically create invoices when jobs are completed. Time and equipment line items are automatically pulled into the invoice, but you have full control over the invoice contents as needed. You can even export your invoices to Microsoft Word and customize them however you like.

  4. Approval Workflows: Project Managers can easily review and approve time sheets, expenses, and invoices for their projects. We believe this is a best-practice, to find out more have a look at Why project managers should approve time sheets.

  5. Task Management and Scheduling (Done Right!): Automate work assignment, handoff, and progress updates in your projects. Perfect for companies that need to schedule and coordinate project tasks across teams in the field and the office. To learn more, have a look at the Job Book Task Lens module.

  6. Integration With Accounting: Job Book can easily integrate with your accounting system, such as QuickBooks (including QuickBooks Online), Sage, and Xero.

  7. Job Maps and Search: See your jobs on a map, and search based on any job or client field including legal addresses.

  8. Streamlined Payroll: Job Book lets you run payroll reports and integrate with ADP, Ceridian and other providers.

  9. Real-Time Analytics and Reporting: It provides various reports, including Work in Progress (WIP), Charge-Out Rate, Job Health, Profitability, Utilization, and more. These reports enable managers to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

  10. Excel Exports: Easily export your data to Microsoft Excel and have the freedom to use your data however you want.

Whether youโ€™re an administrator, manager, or technician, the software tailors its functionality to suit different roles within a company. This means less time on paperwork and more on productive tasks, with clear accountability and improved job tracking.