Job Book Manual

Job Maps

Office Staff and Administrators can search past jobs using the Job Maps feature.

Click Search in the Job Maps card on the dashboard.

Job Maps - Navigate

This screen shows the jobs, job locations and a map of job locations. A maximum of 1000 jobs will be shown, so be sure to filter the jobs and locations by adding filters to narrow down your results.

A filter can be added by clicking the โ€™+โ€™ icon in the Advanced Job filter. The following fields can be filtered:

  • Job #
  • Status
  • Client Name
  • Client Type
  • Project Name
  • Office
  • Project Manager
  • Municipal Address
  • State / Province
  • City
  • Category
  • Scope
  • Order Date
  • Due Date
  • Active
  • Lot
  • Block
  • Plan Number
  • LSD
  • Section Number
  • Township Number
  • Range Number
  • Meridian
Job Maps - Searching Jobs With Advanced Filtering
Job Maps - Visualizing Search Results - Job Mapping Software
Job Maps - Job Search Results Grid
Job Maps - Job Location Results Grid